Hailing from the rolling hills of Washington County in Upstate NY, Laura Leigh gained her following by singing folks to tears around every late night campfire in the capital region. Quickly becoming what Greg Bell claimed “The new darling of the Albany music scene”, LL is known for her driving rock/Americana songwriting, raw and emotional Appalachian vocals, witty stage presence, and her evocative stories that may or may not be true. Laura released her first solo album with producer Jonathan Stewart, "Livin' In Cambridge" in 2021. This album paints pictures of the small town she grew up in with both light and dark tones, and explores the feelings of reinventing yourself in the place of your roots. The record is available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Bandcamp. She is now working on a project called Rock City Junction with Denise Parent (The Deadbeats, Brown Eyed Women) and David Chapman (Cold Flavor Repair, Rivergrass).

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